Phases Of The Moon Watercolor Chart Tutorial

I wanted to make something pretty to hang on my walls so I broke out my watercolors and painted this. Here’s how you can too.

1. Learn the phases of the moon

Quite a few times I messed up the order of the phases and had to scrap it entirely. Please learn from my mistakes and actually take some time to figure out which order the go in.  Here is a helpful chart:

2. Make circles of watercolor paint

Don’t use too much water for this step, and don’t use too little. You have to find a happy medium.

3. Add a little bit of color to the second circle

For me the dark colors symbolized the part of the moon we can see because that way I could make it look fantastic. The first circle we didn’t fill in was the new moon. If you want you can add a tiny bit of color to that one so it’s actually visible. This circle will be the waxing crescent. Only add color to the edge like in the picture.

4. Add a little water so it spreads just a bit

5. Soak up the extra water with a tissue

It’s looks better if there aren’t pools of water. You can also dab at the color if it’s spreading to much.

6. To paint to first quarter

You will need to use the same technique as before, but with a bit more color, and let is spread until its halfway across.

7. Add darker dots and put water over them

These will be the craters in the moon. Soak up the extra water with a tissue

Continue using this technique until you are done.

When it is dry you can write the phases on it with a pen and add the finishing touches


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