Coolest Diy Christmas Decor for the Holidays

Buying Christmas decor can be expensive so why not DIY it? I have compiled a list of my favorite ideas. Happy holidays!

    1. Create minimalist christmas trees out of wash tape

Image result for washi tape christmas tree

2. Put bauble and string lights in a jar

Image result for baubles in a jar

3. DIY a snow globe with just plastic figures, a jar and glitter

Image result for diy snow globe

4. Make a wreath with pine sprigs and sticks Image result for diy wreath christmas

5. Print off a christmas tree and frame it Image result for diy christmas tree print

6. Make gold leaf painted ornaments Delicate gold leaf paper looks elegant when applied to plain ornaments painted in a solid color of your choice. Get the tutorial at The Sweetest Occasion.

7. Diy a Christmas tree with yarn and glue Image result for diy christmas