How to Create a Scandinavian Interior

This style is both cozy and minimalist. The goal is to create a clutter free zone that maximizes the amount of natural light. Think understated elegance

This is the minimalist part of the scandinavian style. Many furniture pieces have hidden storage to hide your stuff

It is best to leave windows bare to maximize the amount of light in the room, but if privacy is a concern, consider using sheer or linen curtains

Wood is the main flooring material, usually in a light color. Stone tiles are used in bathrooms but never ever ever use a carpet floor. Ever.
Rugs are a good idea. Use cotton, wool or sheepskin

Use clean lines and minimalist silhouettes. Popular choices are the slingback chair, jacobsen 7 chair and the jacobsen egg chair

Lots of wood. Use beech, pine and ash. Linen, wool, cotton and leather. Sheepskin rugs and thick knitted blankets. Use lots of texture to make sure the room doesn’t get boring

Color palette and patterns
White is the main color. The accent color is usually black but a pop of color is not uncommon. I enjoy using lots of color in this style. It is one of the best things that sets it apart from the minimalist style. The walls are almost always white.
This style does not usually use patterns. You can use stripes and other simple patterns but try to stay away.

Lighting is very important. In Scandinavia there is sometimes only 7 hours of light. Sculptural light fixtures, chrome wall sconces, paper lantern, copper or brass (and lften oversized) pendant lights, arching lamps, tripod lamps and even candle are some of the lighting elemant you can use.
Try hanging mirrors parallel to windows to reflect more light into the room

Art and accessories
Art is usually abstract and colorful. Try hanging one large piece or many pieces gallery style.
Due to the minimalism in this style, accessories are carefully chosen and not overused. Try using sticks in a glass vase, plants, and flowers. Fiddle leaf fig trees always look good. If you cant keep a plant alive then buy fake ones.
Don’t overdo either of these elements. The Scandinavian style makes use of negative space.

Where to buy
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